Couples Therapy

When couples therapy start, one of the most common complaints couples describe is: "We have couples communication problems ". Couples feel like they are no longer able to discuss important needs and wants without conflict. The result is often that one partner shows anger, while the other one withdraws into silence. Both of you may be feeling isolated and disconnected in the couple relationship. One partner likely feels unimportant to their partner. The other likely feels somehow they are inadequate. Intimacy and desire may be lost. You may have reached a point where desperation has set in. You may be wondering, "Is there a way to save my relationship?". "Does it matter anymore or is too late?". Making the effort to try can be difficult especially if you feel as though you have been trying for so long without success. It's time to change your situation through couples therapy. How much longer are you willing to wait or hope for something to change? What is your future and happiness worth?

"What happened to us?" .... There are many contributing factors that lead to complications in a couples relationship. Pressures of marriage, finances, transition to parenthood, children, in-laws and work stress are just some of the issues that can strain a relationship. When we are under stress, we tend to react in ways that can be counterproductive to our relationship. Instead of leaning on each other, we turn against each other. We forget we signed up to be on the same side. Perhaps your expectations of your partner has left you disappointed and frustrated. You might be feeling as though somehow you are failing your partner, or that your partner is failing you. Are you ready to commit yourself to regaining and improving what you once had? Are you ready for a couples counseling?

We believe that if there is a desire to work on the relationship, there is always hope. Couples counseling and couples therapy sessions can help you learn new ways to address the issues that may be pulling you apart. When negative patterns of interaction can be understood, opportunities for new ways of relating can happen. Closeness and affection become more and more easily experienced. Partners can start to feel like they are on the same side again. They begin to make comments like, "I know I am not alone in this relationship." "I matter to my partner". " My partner is with me and cares about me".

Rather than struggle through it alone, please consider talking with us about your situation and for a couples counseling or couples therapy in Pleasanton. With effort and patience, we can help you learn better ways to cope with your transition to parenthood. Reconnecting with your partner and learning how to be a new family can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

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